safe Certified UL2272 HoverBoard! fire

Will Hoverboard still catch on fire these days in 2017?

In the past few years, hoverboard was struck by bitter controversies about unsafe as it catches fire. There had been different fatal stories involving hoverboards catching fires or exploding that disseminated all over the world which somehow resulted to a drop in the demand of self balancing scooters. However; this didn’t stop the manufacturers to shut down their businesses. Instead, some of them improved it by using high quality components. They have improved all factors that may cause self-balancing scooters to catch fire.

The news about hoverboard catching fire or exploding spread worldwide. Hoverboard catches fire due to sub-standard components, poor quality manufacturing, and low quality materials. The good thing that those news brought is that self balancing scooter went under tight scrutiny of US Consumer Product Safety Commission which made people realize that not all hoverboards will catch fire. The Consumer Product Safety Commission urged manufacturers, importers and retailers of all hoverboards to guarantee that the personal e-mobility devices they import, manufacture, distribute and sell will comply with their safety standards and requirements under UL2272. UL is devoted in keeping potentially unsafe e-mobility devices away from consumers. They also focused on the safety of battery-powered self-balancing scooters since most of the unfortunate incidents related to hoverboards are due to high energy density batteries like lithium-ion batteries. The batteries should not be sub standard or faulty; the battery packs are not broken. Safety circuits and even the chargers should all work together to function safely.

Not because we are in 2017 and there are newly improved smart balance boards in the market doesn’t mean that they will no longer catch fire. You still have to be careful in choosing which company you wish to buy your own self balancing board. There are still counterfeit boards that carry UL logo but didn’t meet UL safety guidelines and requirements. When buying you also have to consider the seller’s or manufacturer’s reputation and how long they have been selling the smart balance boards. To make sure that you will buy a UL certified hoverboard from a trusted and long time seller, you need to look for the UL holographic certification label with the enhanced mark at the bottom of the hoverboard. These will indicate that you have a quality device that has a genuine UL certified logo.

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