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The Best Hoverboard for Christmas 2016

As confident as we are with the AlienBoard Mars ONE, we decided to send a tech blogger, whose product reviews we’ve always admired because of their raw honesty, one of our Mars ONEs and here’s what he wrote about it:

I definitely want a hoverboard for Christmas 2016! (Well, you don’t have to wait for Christmas if you want to give me one right now) But hey, who doesn’t want one? Everybody wants these futuristic extremely cool looking (and they’re now UL certified!) gadgets! Some people might say they have no desire whatsoever to get on these boards, but that is just because they are scared of falling off and are yet to have a taste of how fun it is. Tell you what? Once you’ve tried it, you’ll get the hang of it and before you know it, riding a hoverboard becomes second nature.

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You might find it hard to believe that I don’t own a hoverboard. I don’t. Needless to say, I am not a hoverboard newbie. I’ve used one every time I have the chance to but I am never really convinced that it’s worth spending my hard earned moolah on. A man’s gotta eat too, you know. Such is my thinking up until I got hooked on the Mars ONE.

Fortunately, I got lucky. AlienWheels, the company behind some super cool hoverboards which include the AlienBoard B1 and BatWings sent me their newest hoverboard, an AlienBoard Mars ONE (cool name eh?) so I can try it out and come up with an honest review. They sent me the red one and although it’s really not my choice of color, I won’t complain. The red Mars ONE looks really fine and premium.

Just like any geek unboxing a gadget, I was delighted, you know that Christmassy feeling, while opening the Mars ONE’s box. The very first thing that I really liked about this hoverboard (apart from its out of this world name) is this – a hard carry case perfectly fitted for it. So cool, it’s like you’re lugging around a guitar. It also came with bumper guards which at first I thought was just for decorative but changed my mind when I started off-roading with the board.

Looking at the Mars ONE, I kind’a know it’s gonna be something special. Why? Look at the wheels man! Those are 8.5-inches. Yeah, I know there are hoverboards who have 10-inch wheels, but man, those on the Mars ONE are true, tough, dirt rubber tires! Besides, those 10-inch hoverboards are too heavy to carry around. Mars ONE’s fender is made of aluminum alloy and not the usual plastic.

The silicone bumper guards. Look at those rubber tires! Means serious business, right?

AlienBoard’s definitely got something special with the Mars ONE, and you gotta ride it to know what that something special is. I know the indoors would be boring so I took it outside and rode it on the gravel path of our backyard. Man! It didn’t even hesitate for a second. The ride was smooth and didn’t seem to get off-balanced. Tried it on the grassy path and it rode better! That’s what made me to desire getting my own Mars ONE. Something as cool and pricey as a hoverboard shouldn’t limit its user to indoor use or smooth surface use, otherwise it’s a big waste of money as well as a waste of the potential of this technology.

I wished I didn’t have to send this back but I should and I did, and that just made me want it more. No kidding man, Mars ONE is something special, particularly performance-wise. So I’m definitely saving up for it!, so far that’s the only online store I found selling these hoverboards, guess they are the official distributor, sells them for $749. But we know the holiday season brings with it an endless rain of discount coupons so I am confident I can get it for a significantly lower price. I am definitely getting an AlienBoard Mars ONE in camouflage blue color before Christmas 2016 ends.

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