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Summer Activities for Kids. Have Fun with Hoverboard in Summer Holiday

When summertime sets in boredom kicks in. With summer’s rising temperature, breeze-less scenery, sluggish hours, and longer days make you want nothing more but to linger. It is the best time to sit back and relax. But, how long our body and mind are willing to just loosen up without getting bored? Never let summer bore you. This is the perfect time to unwind and spend quality time with your family so savor the moment.  Summer is here and kids are out of so let us make these warm summer days as enjoyable and creative as possible.

Since school is out of session, kids love to have fun all summer days. Whether indoor or outdoor, we should have entertaining summer activities which will keep them peppy and busy all throughout the summer season because the last thing any parent wants to hear from their little ones during this hot summer months is “I’m bored”.

Indoor Summer Activities – Too hot to stay outside

There are days when the heat gets too violently hot to a point where we can no longer bear staying outside and even kids can no longer tolerate the extremely high temperature. The burning whether weather shouldn’t stop our kids to enjoy this holiday because there are chock-full of exciting indoor activities we can do together with our kids.

Summer is kid’s favorite time of the year but not much with parents especially indoor activities during because it means our little ones will be messing around the house. Indoor summer activities for kids include letting them make their own non-toxic play dough, crafting with recyclable items, creating different colorful pool noodle creatures, cool finger print paintings, easy indoor ball games, shape sorting activities for toddlers, playing board games, dancing with your kids around your living room, building indoor tent, and indoor obstacle course racing games.

Outdoor Summer Activities – Too bored to stay inside get out and beat the heat!

Staying inside the house all summer vacation will definitely bore our kids and even us and this is what parent hate to hear. Summer is a perfect time to hit the beach with our family, picnic by the beach, building sand castles, water sports for kids, playing at the coastline, running and jumping in the waves during summer vacation. These are some of the things that kids love about their beach vacation. However; there are other outdoor activities that you and your kids will enjoy doing together. These activities are not just exciting, but it will also leave fascinating keepsakes and good bonding memories. Some outdoor activities we can do together with them are hiking, fishing, biking, camping, nature scavenger hunt, squirt gun painting and a lot more.

Indoor & Outdoor Summer Activities –  Hoverboard is the answer. Ride and have fun.

It can be a little tricky thinking of activities to keep our adorable kids occupied during their time off from school. Whether it’s indoor or outdoor activities we should not just strive to make our adorable kids happy. We must make this scorching hot summer vacation unique, creative and unforgettable for them as well.

UL Certified AlienBoard Hoverboard will make it all possible. It is absolutely guaranteed that their vacation will be their best summer holiday ever. Kids will go crazy about AlienBoard Batwings and Mars One Hoverboards with its exceptional outer shell design, exquisite Bluetooth speaker and luminous LED light and top of the line batteries that met and passed UL standard safety requirements.

Don’t just let the kids have all the fun with AlienBoard hoverboards. We can join them and be their hoverboard buddies. This is an incomparable bonding moment and an excellent way to chase the bored blues away before our kids turn into couch potatoes.

Summer holiday and things you can do with your hoverboard

Hoverboard is one of the most sought-after personal transportation device that is very well liked by kids.  Let’s not take this away from them this summer vacation. Here are some of the hoverboarding activities you can enjoy doing together with your kids:

1.Go hiking with your kids is a great idea to get connected to nature. You can bring your AlienBoard Mars One hoverboard with you. With its dual motor and off-road tires, it can handle grassy steep slopes and over large cracks and bumps.

2.Look for a shaded spot to fish. Chill out. Let your kids feel the stillness and tranquility of nature. When fishing is over let them relax and ride on their board and feel the air. You have nothing to worry about bringing your hoverboard is as easy as bringing your fishing gear because AlienBoard Smart Balance board with Bluetooth speaker comes with a free durable carrying bag.

3.Hoverboard obstacle course. This is a very stunning game that you can play with your kids where you can both do indoor and outdoor. A fully charged UL Certified Alienboard can last up to 9-12 miles.

4. Make basketball game unique by using your board. You can play basketball with them while riding on a self-balancing scooter. You can easily manipulate AlienWheels Smart Balance board without stress. This makes the ordinary basketball game extraordinary.

5. Hoverboarding at the park. This is an amazing way to travel from your house all the way to the park. It also gives them the freedom and independence to play around. You can even go to the park even at night. AlienBoard Batwings and Mars One from AlienWheels both have alluring LED lights.

6. Summer camping with school-age kids is exciting and a great learning experience as at the same time. Make your camping adventure more memorable by bringing your hoverboards. Alienboard Mars One is perfect for camping. It has 8.5″ all terrain tires.

7. Fill water guns with cold water and play shooting with them while hoverboarding. Alienwheels’ AlienBoard can maintain stability and can tolerate a little water. Soaked them and get soaked.

8. Take a summer vacation out of town and don’t forget to bring your AlienWheels’ AlienBoard. This lets you pair your hoverboard to any Bluetooth enabled device so you can play music via Bluetooth speaker while traveling out of town.


There are plenty of summer hoverboarding activities and hoverboard games that kids will definitely love. Let’s make this summer holiday truly and enjoyably remarkable for them. Cherish the moment while they are still young. Have a great summer vacation!

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