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Best Kids Hoverboards in 2017 – How To Choose the Best and Safe Hoverboard?

Hoverboards achieved a widespread popularity in the market these past few years. The latest and coolest “must-have” futuristic hoverboards are highly desirable from all walks of life around the world. We can’t deny it, children love hoverboards and they are going crazy to own this hottest electric self balancing scooter. Despite its popularity is the undying controversy (over safety standards) about being harmful and unsafe. It even came to a point wherein a lot of hoverboards have been recalled over the risk of catching fire, overheating, smoking, flickering and exploding. All parents want nothing more but to make their kids happy. They like to give everything as much as possible and since this coolest self balancing scooter is every kid’s dream, parents should have the know how to choose the best hoverboards where there kids will surely enjoy it at the same time maintaining a safe riding.

What are the things a parent should consider when buying hoverboard for their kids?

1.UL Certified Hoverboards – Look for models and makers with UL certification. If you are planning to buy a hoverboard, the best thing to do is to look for  UL logo and a marker that says meet UL 2272. UL certification was even recommended by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

What is UL?

UL stands for Underwriters Laboratories. It is an American safety consulting and certification firm based in Illinois that has been around for more than 100 years.

What is UL 2272?

UL2272 has the standard safety requirements for electrical systems for personal e-mobility devices like hoverboard as defined by UL.

It has the safety requirements for electrical systems for all self-balancing scooters or hoverboards. They are also known for the names smart balance scooter, electric smart scooter, electric skateboard, smart drifting board and other names. Whatever we call it, consumer should look for hoverboards that carry the UL2272 safety requirements. This means that the hoverboards have been found to meet all the safety requirements of UL.

The UL2272 requirements cover the electrical drive train system including battery system, other circuitry and electrical components for all electric powered scooters and other devices referred to as personal e-mobility devices as defined by UL. This standard is intended for evaluation of the safety of all hoverboards, batteries and chargers for energy and electrical shock hazards. However it does not evaluate the performance or reliability of all personal e-mobility devices such as hoverboards.

How to determine if UL certification sticker is authentic?

Check for the UL 2272 holographic label featuring the UL Enhanced Mark. This reminds consumers that the UL 2272 certification met all the safety requirements of UL but it does not address riding safety because proper safety precautions should still be taken by the user when using self-balancing scooters even though it has a genuine UL holographic sticker.

2.UL listed batteries –the real culprit behind hoverboard explosion or catching fire is the overly charged lithium-ion batteries or sub-standard, cheap lithium-ion batteries with defective cells. Even though there have been tremendous reports of explosion of hoverbord batteries, the probability of lithium-ion battery explosion is still very insubstantial but has a greater risk if the batteries are cheap, substandard. Not because itis a lithium battery, doesn’t mean that it will explode or it will always catch fire. It is just that lithium ion batteries are highly volatile and more combustible if not properly taken care of.

Despite the potential danger of Lithium-ion batteries, they are still being used by manufacturers of gadgets such as cellphones, tablets, laptops and even hoverboards. This is because they are smaller, lighter and last longer than the other less volatile batteries.

It is still the best idea to use UL listed batteries which are normally the branded batteries like Samsung or LG batteries. Branded batteries for hoverboards that passed UL evaluation have gone through extensive evaluation and testing. These batteries are of high quality. It will cost you more than the cheap brand but it is guaranteed to be of high quality. Are you going to risk your life over a cheap substandard battery?

3.UL chargers – Even though fire and explosion of hoverboards are due to low-class lithium-ion batteries, defective and low quality chargers also play a vital part of this alarming incidents. Substandard and defective chargers may improperly charge your batteries or overcharge your batteries which might trigger the sensitivity of lithium-ion batteries. To prevent this from happening it is always a better idea to also look for a UL listed and certified charger. UL chargers are safe and high quality. These UL chargers will not overcharge your batteries which may lead to a fire or explosion.

Benefits of having a UL certified charger:

  • It has short circuit protection
  • Over voltage protection
  • Over current protection
  • Reverse polarity connect protection

AlienBoard TM Has It All

Good news! AlienboardTM has been in the market for more than 3 years and continuously providing quality hoverboards. Everything we need to look for a hoverboard. AlienBoard TM has it all. AlienBoard TM BatWings and Mars ONE are both UL certified not just the chargers but the entire board and batteries.

AlienBoard TM Hoverboards are UL2272 certified. You can click the link below to verify UL:

 AlienBoard TM UL certification


The best thing about AleinBoardTM hoverboards are all the outershells are fire-proof. BatWings Hoverboard is ideally good for kids. The coolest high- quality model comes it free carry bag and silicone bumper protection. With its 6.5″ stable wheels your kids will surely enjoy hovering around whether indoor and outdoor. A safe and worry-free riding device has 3 different speed modes which you can switch pretty easily to each mode. Beginner’s mode is a good start when you are just starting to gain confidence in using your new riding device.

If you are looking for a bigger tire, Mars One 8.5″ hoverboard will fulfill your satisfaction. It can go off-road, all terrain with its chilling design makes you the center of attention while you are riding on it. This eye catching hoverboard also comes with free carry bag and silicone bumper. It has 3 different driving speed modes. What makes this Mars One special is its AlienBoard TM app where you can easily download on the App Store or Google Play Store. Just just need to simply search “AlienBoard”. You can unlock extra features and simply connect to your hoverboard via Bluetooth.

Both Mars One and BatWings have Bluetooth speakers but only Mars One has a mobile app feature. Both also have exquisite LED lights which make you even safer while using it at night. You can also use it as a turn-signals.


Hoverboards are the coolest commuting and recreational riding device. Every kids will love to have this but we want our hoverboards to be worth every penny. Never look for a cheaper brand because the quality of cheaper hoverboards are being compromised. It is sad to say but if we are just after making our kids happy and we will look like we just threw our money away. If we will buy our kids a cheap and substandard hoverboard just for the sake of making them happy. We have to think twice. High quality hoverboards are more expensive that low quality hoverboards but they are worth every penny. Have a high-quality hoverboards. Look for UL certified batteries, chargers and hoverboards. Choose AlienBoardTM Hoverboards. They go it all!

Now you can click here to buy your favorite Alien Board Hoverboard.


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